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Report FRAUD

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,

my email account was randomly bombarded with subscriptions I never made. After a quick google search, it turns out this is an "email bomb" that a bot does in order to hide actually important emails you receive during the scam. Sure enough, I discovered an email from FIDO in the mess, suggesting I had ordered a brand new Iphone package! The tracking number shows it will be delivered later today and is "held for pickup" in some local convenience store. 

I NEVER made any such order and it seems there is no way to stop this from happening. Fido has no 24/7 fraud phone number and no email contact listed on their website!!!! I called FedEx to stop the shipment and they said they will try but with xmas eve quickly approaching, there is no guarantees. I will try to call fido in the morning when they open but I'm currently out of the country which makes everything two times more difficult.   


Good morning @bobbymex , sorry to hear that happened to you. That would be very upsetting. Is it possible to call the drop off site to tell them not to release the package or to refuse the shipment, as it's a fraud? Could be one solution while you wait for contact with the fraud department. You may want to create a report with the non emergency police line to report the fraud. I suggest you also change your log in password with fido and change your pin also. I'm glad you caught it in that mess of scam mails. Here's hoping for a positive resolution. Enjoy the holidays and be safe. 

HERE   are the various ways to contact Fido's