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Repair issues

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

long story short after opening a plan through fido (Samsung Galaxy A70 128GB) within less than a month of having the phone i started having issues with the device. up to know with no help from Fido support ;ine (611 number, fido sales members in storefront, or on the phone, brightstar, samsung themselves, Fido managers and even reaching out to the presidents office; with no help in resolving months at a time of issues recoccuring and sending the device out for repair 3 times and including all the time i've spent on the phone trying to resolve the issues (phone doesn't charge, turns off unexpectedly with no power when plugged in or even a charge into the device). My main question is who is the next highest person i can contact  as the last place was the Office of the president (with numerous phone calls and a few emails with no response other than his voicemail or phone tag which was ridiculous considering i even mention the time frame of which i would be free to recieve a call back to discuss). 


If i could get a reply where i can contact in regards to the next highest person i can speak/email with; would be appreciated. 


Thank you



Hey @manda8588! Thanks for posting. Smiley


Were you able to find a resolution regarding your phone?


If not, we'll be happy to help you via PM through the community or you can contact us here.


Hello @manda8588,


Sorry to hear you have a lot of issues with your phone, Fido has a 15-day satisfaction guarantee where you can exchange or return a device but that's not an option for you at the moment.


Once you have passed the 15-day satisfaction guarantee the one-year manufacture warranty will take effect for any issues due to build quality. 


At this point, you should be getting in touch with Samsung and if after multiple repairs and you are still having issues then you should get in touch with someone higher within Samsung to see what can be done.


Fido is just a reseller and the most they can do is send your phone in for repair on your behalf.