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Regarding the port of my phone number to fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

First of all thank you so much for telling me that fido is the **bleep** tele com of canada. 

second I have added a new line to port my phone number to fido. Its been more than a week my phone number is not migrated and the irony is fido has already started charging me for the week. For the last 2 days i was on phone for more than 2 hrs each day. Still no one attended me. 

thrid world countries has better services than you and the charges are literally less than half what we are paying and still we are getting the worst service .



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have already tried this and the system has cancelled my port and it says contact customer service agent. When I contacted them i was on phone line for 2 hrs for 2 days. No one attendant. Is this how you are bringing in new customer. I am trying to escalate the matter to ombudsman do not worry.

Hey @Jasneetsingh372,


We're sorry to learn about your experience with the port in. this is definitely not the kind of welcome we aim to offer to new users. 


We'd be more than happy to help you with this ongoing situation. Please contact us here.

Hi @Jasneetsingh372 , sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with porting your number. Have you received a temporary number from when you opened your line with Fido? If so, you can sign into your account (assuming you set one up) and select change my number. Then you can select port my number from another carrier. You will need the account information to initiate your port. Do not cancel the other account as it needs to stay active to receive a text to confirm your port. After the port is requested with fido, the text comes on your other Sim for you to approve, then fido does the port and you shouldn't have to do anything else. You can also download the fido app from your app store and it contains links to all the ways to contact Fido support. You can also go to for the same information. I hope that gives you some options.