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Real time data is not accurate

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2 


Here it says usage is given in real time. Pubically advertised on your website.


So I tried this out myself. The night before my cycle reset I was at 3.98gb / 4 gb. I made sure to have the app open, while searching at web. At 11:59PM,  the usage was still below my limit. I refreshed over 5 times and was still at 3.99gb, even 10 seconds before my cycle reset. Safe, right?


Now I received a bill for 90mb in overage! How is this possible? I am seeing so many other forum posts about discrepancies in the real time usage. Some posts go far back as 2 years! So I started a reddit post and found out they're hundreds of other folks who have experienced the EXACT same issues! Fido is intentionally lying about the real time monitor and charging overages that are not correct.


So now I am gathering posts, proof and bills from various customers and forwarding them to the CCTS. My question for support is why advertise a broken system? Why waste a customers time and have them argue with live chat over your mistake?



Hey @rsmith2! Philippe here. I hope you're feeling well. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience with our data usage tracker. That's certainly not the way we want you to feel about using it. That said, I recommend you contact us here so we can take a look and escalate that as needed. Alternatively, we can send you a PM from the community for support as well.


As an aside, please note that our current plans do include Data Overage Protection that would prevent this situation altogether. It's something to consider and you can check the details on that here.