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Reactivating my previous account from out of Canada

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Dear whom it may concern,


I am just wondering if I am able to reactivate my previous account which was cancelled June, 2020. Still have the simcard and same bank account in Canada.


I am currently out of Canada but will return on March 2021.


Looking forward to hearing from you !



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @wiseview123


Welcome to the Community! 🙂


If you were using a Prepaid service, you should be able to reactivate the service by adding a top-up to your Prepaid account. The number and service can usually be retained for up to 365 days as long as you did an original top-up within the first 30 days of the activation. 


If you were using a Postpaid service however and that it was cancelled in June of last year, it would be impossible to reactivate the same service. This is an available option for up to 60 days from the deactivation if certain criterias are met. Anything longer than 60 days though would mean that the number is no longer associated to that account. You would have to proceed with a new activation, new number and new plan. You can check out all of our available plans right from here