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Quality service in costumers service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a good experience with customer service that needs to be shared, I contacted live chat today and signed in from my account, customer service representative says that it is confirmed because I log in from my account but she wants more questions I don't know why but is ok with me, she asks about my email and I give her my login email which different from communication email with fido, suddenly she wants me to go to fido with two ID  I told her there are two emails on your screen and this one of them and I used any one of them usually with fido, but she says no you should go to fido branch with two ID, all this not the problem, I ask her to transfer for her supervisor she came back with she can't because he left the office! I say ok what his email she comes back and she doesn't know her supervisor's email!  I say ok what his name she comes back and she doesn't know her supervisor's name!!! I ask 😂  when you report your work to whom you report 😅 she gives a random name and does not wait for my next question she mentions he or she is on leave 🤣!!!! In the end, I told her to leave fast maybe they closed the office and they miss her inside.

I understand her situation but the problem with whom who trains her for the work, and if I logged in to live chat from my account, still need more verification and only one question if you failed you are dead, the bank more risk you do have 3 questions,

The whole chat system in fido is out of quality practice and needs to be upgraded as soon as possible,




Hello @Hadeel72,


To clarify, Fido accounts are associated with one email address on our end. It's possible the email id you provided did not match what was on your account and prompted the agent to request you to go to the store. 


Having said that, we do appreciate your feedback about how the conversation was handled. Rest assured, that's not how we want your experience to be. 


Did you still need help? If so, please know you can also contact us through these channels.