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Promised discount amount not applied

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I changed my plan on November 29th 2022 with the discounts prompised by the FIdo customer service agent for 2 lines that I have with Fido. She confirmed me several times that the discount will be applied toward 2 lines for next 15 months starting from November 29th 2022.


On November 30th, 2022, I had a live chat witht the service agent regarding the promtion, and the agent told me that the discount promised on Nov 29th 2022 was not applied to my account. He applied the discount on November 30th and confirmed me that I would be charged at the promised rate for the next 15 months. I requested for the written confirmation, but he said I would see the promised rate on my next billing.



I received the billing today and found different discount amount which is much lower than promised (I got the 1/2 of the discount that was promised). 


I don't understand how this can happen as the Fido customer agent confirmed me several times for the discount amount and the promotional fees (after discount) that I would get for the next 15 months. 


I have a copy of the transcript from live chat (emailed from Fido) which shows the agent confirming me for the discount amount and promotional fees after discount.


Can anyone from Fido answer me why I am not getting the discount promised by Fido? I need the revised billing or the adjustments in the next billing for the promised discount amount that I did not get in this month. 



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @ohmhj87 


It is likely what you are describing is proration. When making changes in mid billing cycle, the cost of services and the associated discounts are divided and equally spread out proportionately 


Here's a useful page that might help you: 


If you need help understanding your invoice, or would like to confirm the details of your services, we would recommend you contact customer support via one of these channels