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Prepaid VISA credit card for refilling a prepaid account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Okay, so I'm kinda at my wit's end with this account right now.


A little over a month ago, I signed up for a prepaid Fido plan ($10/mo, literally all I need is to receive a few verification SMS messages per month). The kiosk where I signed up for the plan was wholly unhelpful and landed up lying to my face when they said my VISA debit card was successfully setup for automatic rebilling- something I later found out that Fido absolutely 100% does not accept, despite the kiosk employees telling me otherwise (apparently they put a voucher through on my debit card instead and redeemed that against the account just to make me go away).


Alright, fine. I kinda need this number, so I phone up my local bank (CIBC) and ask them what my options are- they recommend a VISA prepaid card instead, since this is supposed to work exactly like a credit card and the agent guarantees me Fido will be able to accept it.


So I order one of those cards, wait for it to arrive, activate it, then try to refill my Fido prepaid account- nope. Not working. All I get is that red error message that says "Oops! That doesn't seem to be working!".


I found this topic from a little while ago:


However, it only mentions being able to use VISA prepaid cards for "monthly accounts".


Is this true? Am I screwed? Because I gotta say, this entire episode has been enough to drive me away from Fido forever. I'm literally sitting here trying to refill my account and give Fido money, and the system is constantly telling me I can't do that. I don't have an actual credit card- all I have is my VISA debit card (which CIBC claims should work like a VISA card) and now this prepaid VISA card (ditto)- neither of which work, contrary to what CIBC is telling me.


What gives?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @cmpxchg8b


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


What we consider as prepaid credit cards are cards you'd purchase in a department store for a fixed amount. 


A credit card you get with your bank would work as a regular credit card for us even if on their end you need to pay in advance or have a set amount aside for it. You should be able to use it to refill. 


If you can't, I would suggest giving us a call at 611 so we can take a look at it and make sure your card can be accepted. 


Hope that helps! 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My phone will not allow me to call out, or online with a voucher

Hey @Kaybrooke Smiley


We'd love to help out and provide you with all the info you need but we'd need you to clarify a few things.


Are you trying to top up with a voucher and that is not working? Or is your service paid and you cannot make calls?