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Poor signal in basement

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido signals were perfect before in the basement but since the past 2 weeks they have been so week. I can't make calls or use my data downstairs anymore. 



Hi there @khalidsana96 and welcome to the Community!


There could be a lot of reasons why the signal strenght may have changed in your living quarters. Just to name a few things, we'll have to think of of new building materials in your home that might have been installed, of new buildings that are being constructed around you, of new equipment that might cause interference or of new apps that have been installed on your device.


Has anything new changed recently?


Also, have you considered activating your Wi-Fi calling feature to help you with your calls?


If that helps, you can check our troubleshooting guide here for our wireless customers.


Don't hesitate to provide more information here so that we can all better assist and provide you some tips!


If anything, we're one message away here if you need further assistance. 😊