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Poor customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently called Fido because someone I worked with informed me they had loyalty plans for certain customers,I've been with fido for at least 5 years and until recently have had 3 lines.I now have 2 and am paying way to much money so I called to see if I could change my daughter's plan.I asked how much was owing on the phone and asked if I could pay it off.I also asked if after I pay off the balance if I could have one of the plans they were recently offering customers.The representative said he could not offer that plan because it's not available to him.I asked if I could talk to customer retention and he said he is trained in that also(if so not very well).He wouldn't offer me anything saying he couldn't do it and was offering me plans that cost more and had less data then I already had.Great customer retention,looking around now because I'm a little irritated.



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I understand how important getting the best deal is for everyone.

Feel free to contact us over these methods if you need help with your account.