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Please solve my problem Fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi. I'm writing this point because I'm very disappointed with Fido ,and their way of solving problems.

I bought a phone last year on a plan of 2 years with Fido, and I got the 8 Gb data on it.

1-2 months ago, I was talking to the Call center, and she offered me a promotion to 10GB WITHOUT ANY extra fees. I even confirmed with her that are you sure there isn't ANY extra fees ? And she said there if No extra fee. It'sa promotion for me, because I've been aloyal customer of Fido! So it is a promotion "specially for me"! And It would be exactly the same amount as my 8GB.

I said ok, since it's the same price, I'll take it.

 This month in my bill I see the fee is more than my previous 8Gb!

I called call center last Wednesday, and talked to a CR rep, it took me 1hour and 15 min! And yet my problem not solved.

She said she couldn't give me my 8Gb back with the same price. She said I can have 8Gb with a lower price. But then, because I got my phone on a plan, I should pay a certain amount of money to compensate for the phone. Which is more to pay if you do the calculation!!  And also that I'll be charged with a downgrade fee in my next bill.

So I should be aying extra money, because of Fido rep's fault? If I knew the promotion would cost me more, and wiuld put me in so much trouble, I wouldn't have taken it in the first place. I was told that there were NO extra fees. I don't even use all of my 8Gb data, and now I should pay extra for what I don't even need? And all that because of Fido's rep mistake!

Then she offered me that I keep the 10Gb with the higher fee, but I will receive 3Gb free in the next 3 months, and after that, I should call again to ask for that!

 Is it really the way Fido tricks their clients into a higher fees by calling them and offering them FREE extra gigs, and then charging them WITH extra fee?!  And when I say I don't wanna pay for something that I don't even use (the extra 2Gb), they offer me more Gb? Not a very smart solution.. and honestly it's not a decent way to earn more money from the clients.

I am very disappointed with my new bill, and I'm asking you to please solve my problem. There should be a way to fix it without charging me more! I can't pay more than the price of my previous 8Gb. I don't need extra Gb! That's not a solution if I have to pay more. I would like to go back to my own 8Gb without paying more.

 Thank you in advance for your consideration.

 Have a good day.

Rahele Safe


Hey @Rahelesafe,


I'm sorry to learn about all the confusion during your most recent experience with us. I'll be happy to take a look at the possibility of having your old plan back or any other best option that would work for you. 


I'll send you a PM shortly. For any account related request in the future, make sure to contact us here for immediate assistance. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
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Thank you for your reply, but I didn't get any pm or messages from you or anybody else from fido.

 Can youor anybody else please solve my problem ?

Rahele Safe

Hey @Rahelesafe! Smiley


We'll send you a new private message, please get back to us there.