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I broke the screen on my phone.. How do I get a new phone with my coverage?


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@KAPABLE-K definitely shared some great articles about our Protection Plan up-top. The Device Protection can be added within the first 15 days or purchasing your phone, you can see if it's an added service from MyAccount on


We're here if you have any questions! Don't hesitate to reach out. 


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If you have a device protection plan you can start a claim with Asurion here.


You can also get more info regarding the device protection plan here.


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I'm sorry to see your phone is broken. If you're currently under agreement with this device, you can still do an early upgrade to benefit from a phone discount and a new agreement. You can check out how much it would cost for an early upgrade by logging into My Account > Clicking on Services > Mobile > Scrolling down to the bottom of the page until you see ``Upgrade Today Fee``. 


That information will help you decide if you either want to do an early upgrade or if you would prefer buying a new phone out right. Let me know if you need more help with any of this and I'll send you a PM! Smiley