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Phone sent back to Fido for exchange, new phone still hasnt shipped??

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I placed an order for a brand new iPhone 12 mini over the phone last Thursday. The agent processed the order wrongly and sent me a CPO iPhone 12 mini instead of a brand new one which I found out once it was shipped. I refused the delivery the very next day (Friday) as it was gonna be delivered in less than 24 hours, as instructed by a csr.


I was told the brand new iPhone 12 mini that I intended to purchase in the first place will be shipped as soon as the CPO one is received by Fido. Purolator has already delivered the CPO iPhone back to the return center but the new iPhone still hasn't shipped even though I have received the order confirmation for the new one. I dont have an issue with then csr as mistakes happen but at least the fido support team should be on top of an issue that came from their side. Please let me know when it is going to be shipped, its been a week since I've been in this mess



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They probably will need some time before the new phone is shipped out I understand the shipping shows it was delivered back to them but they will still need time to check it out and process it through their system. If you need the status of the new order it would be best to reach out to customer service directly and they can let you know what is happening.