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Phone only works when I set the settings to Fido EXtened

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Good Morning,

On my account I have 4 active lines and have been an outstanding customer for over 15 years. 

One of my 4 lines has moved from the Greater Vancouver area to Chilliwack and only gets cell service, iMessage and calls when the phone is set to Fido extended. 

I called Fido and they said we would need to switch providers as you do not have towers to support her plan. 

I am aware that if Fido extended is used regularly she will eventually get kicked off. 

Can you answer my why you cannot just let her use the Fido extended option all the time. 

Fido will be loosing 4 lines and we will go to another provider. 

Please contact me @xxx-XXX-XXXX or reply to this message. 

Thank you 


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Senior MVP

Hello Mallerton,


  Welcome to the community!


  Fido/Rogers does have some cellular towers in the area. However, they are not as extensive as the other  provider in the area.



~taken from here.


  If the majority of your party's usage is regularly on extended coverage, then yes, their Fido-EXT usage may get blocked. However, depending on their location(s) in area (ie home, school, work, etc), it's possible their majority usage might be on the Fido/Rogers network.


@Mallerton wrote:...Can you answer my why you cannot just let her use the Fido extended option all the time...

  I don't think the issue is Fido not letting her use the service for an extended period. I believe it comes down to the roaming agreements. Roaming on the networks is a courtesy provided for the customers from other networks. If your party was roaming on a different network all the time, that other network would rather she (or you) pay them rather than their competition. They're providing the service, but they're not getting paid for the service. Sure, they might get something from the other providers for the usage (bulk rates, perhaps), but it would be nowhere near to what they would get if they provided your party her plan.


  The roaming agreements go both ways. If you do decide to switch all your lines to the other provider, you should note that if one of your party moves to an area not serviced by that provider, their extended coverage limits would be the same.


Hope this helps 😀