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Phone never received, then order cancelled

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi everyone, this is a weird thing ever in my life. Let me tell you my experience with Fido service and how they treat a loyalty customer ( I have been with Fido for almost 7 years). Back in December 26, I have ordered an Iphone Xs Max for a pretty good deal (1$/month). The phone quickly sent to the delivery company ( Dec 29,21). The phone was sent back to shipping center for the first time for no reason(Dec 30). I did rearranged the delivery date. I was home all day to wait for the delivery. Ridiculously, it sent back to the shipping center for the second time ( nobody knock my door for the delivery) (Jan5). Okay, I changed the address to my friend's home ( I couldnt stay home all day for just waiting for the delivery). Until Jan 18, I checked the tracking number, it says my phone has arrived (weird), I phoned customer service, the lady told me I have to wait for a few days. 2 weeks after, I lost my patience, called customer support and the guy told me that my phone was cancelled in Jan 19,22 for no reasons Lolll. I haven't received any call or any email about it. He told me I have to pay the price in the website, he couldnt go back to the deal That I got on boxing day. Funny, I have to use my broken phone and been waiting for a month for nothing.  This is how Fido TREATS a loyalty customer? Fido is going to lose their customers soon. I have 3 lines with Fido and paid 240$ every month ( is it cheap?)


I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

That sucks. I also was expecting my phone and called to find out they flagged the purchase and I need to contact fraud. All the meanwhile I am waiting for my phone. I would demand a price match that is 100 % unacceptable. I hope you get it.

Good morning @hiepphan , I'm sorry to hear that you had that experience. The problems you describe seem to be an issue with the delivery company. If no one is there to sign, they wouldn't leave your device unattended. That's how they prevent theft of your package. Unfortunately they sent it back, it seems twice. Have you contacted fido support about this yet? As we are a community forum, any account issues would have to be handled by Fido customer support Here  are some of the contact methods. I do hope you get a resolution to this, I'm sure Fido wouldn't want you to have this experience. All the best