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Phone deals

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was with fido from 5 6 months, on boxing day i got a good deal with tellus on new phones and i switched to tellus. I got a call from fido  on 30th dec. with another good deal and i decided to switch back to fido with new deals which was for s20 ultra phone for 33.34$ for 24 months deal and two s20 phones for 24 months deal total 3 lines. I was told that i will receive the phones and sim cards in 3-5 working days. After waiting for 3 4 days i called customer care to track down the package, she told me its not been shipped. One of the number was urgently required, so she suggest me to go to the fido office to activate the line and wait for other two. I did so on 5 jan. After waiting for one more day i contacted fido customer care on 7 jan still not news and today i chat with fido customer care i was informed that the whole package was canceled due to shortage of phones and need to start it again to get the deals with other phones. In this way they have waisted my time and now i have to convert the third line into tellus again which i already converted to fido. Even they have canceled the order without informing me. I have the conversation and contract in my email.i am going to file a complain against them. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Taranminhas85,


Welcome to our community!


We apologize for your experience and we'll need to take another look at your account to see what can be done. 


I'll send you a PM very soon.