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Payment with foreign credit card not working

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I've cancelled my account as I traveled back to Germany. In a Fido store they confirmed that I can pay the last remaining bill outside of Canada. But it seems like I can not pay the outstanding amount with my German credit card..

I appreciate any help! 



Hello @kathii_ho,


Welcome to the community!


Yes, you can pay your bill from anywhere in the world but the name and address of your account must match the info on your credit card also, the credit card must be issued by a Canadian financial institution.


If you do not have anyway of making the payment from a Canadian financial institution I would suggest you contact customer service and they can advise you on what needs to be done.

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hallo @kathii_ho 

I'm sorry for the trouble this cause you.


If you have a credit card MasterCard they could do the conversion to Canadian dollar but you may want to check with your credit card company because some card charge transaction fee (here up to 2.5%) + the foreign exchange rate.


Or you could go to your bank they could help you with the bill in hand at the counter.


Another solution would be to send a cheque or bank draft in Can money by mail. 





I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hallo @kathii_ho 

If you find a way

This is Fido secured link to pay online hier 


auf wiedersehen🙂