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Overpaid Bill and yet got refund for 1.5 months

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

On Oct 15th 2020, I accidentally overpaid my bill. I supposed to pay $200 dollars and I accidentaly put 1 more 0, so I paid $2000 dollars to Fido. I immediately called my bank try to pause the transaction, however, it did not success. Money has been sent to Fido already. Then I called Fido Rep and he told me my money will revert to my bank by the end of October. On the second day, I received an email from Fido saying that they have received my payment and credit to my Fido account. However, when I called again at beginning of November since I did not get my refund and my Fido service got cut off as they told me I have not pay my bill. BUT I PAID $2000 DOLLARS ON OCT 15. I called at least 3 times, and none of any representatives can confirm Fido has received my payment. I kept calling on the following days and one of the representatives told me that my payment has been reverted to my bank account on Oct 30th which I did not receive any. I asked him if I can get any deposit/refund reference that I can talk to my bank, he said "there is nothing such I can provide you but I can make sure that you payment was reverted". Then I got disconnected.

This is such a terrible experience with Fido, I have been a Fido user for at least 10 years, ever since my first phone. I am paying $100+ dollars each month for only 5GB of data, which I did not even ask for a loyalty discount. And now I only want my overpaid $2000 dollars back due to our family lack of cash flow because of this pandemic. It has been 45 days and none of any Fido representatives can solve my problem.