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Overcharging for account suspension

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I had requested to suspend my account in January starting from jan-april and I was charged 35.95(which was my original plan) + 7$ for the suspension. Now in April im again being charged 35+7 = 42.95$. Can someone pls explain why? Isn't this suspension fees charges just once. I didn't request to do anything right now and im receiving an email right now in april that we have completed ur request and your being charged 42.95$. When my service is suspended should I not be charged less? Pls guide me. Thank u



Hello @faiza33,


The suspension fee is charged on a monthly basis it's not a one-time charge, if you are currently financing a device you will still be charged the financing portion. If you are actually still being charged the monthly plan fee plus the suspension fee you can contact customer service directly and I'm sure they will make the necessary correction.