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I'm back
I'm back

My mobile(canadian number) has been connected with Fido for the past 7-8 months since I arrived in Canada as an international student and I have been paying my bills regularly every month till Decemeber which was of 40-45 CAD or more for the international calls or if I used the roaming data. After this, beginning January, my monthly bills skyrocketed to 250 CAD and after that every month an additional of 200 plus CAD was added stating that was my monthly mobile expense. In March, it reached to 800 CAD and this was ridiculous. I hardly made use of the services Fido provided as I lived in the uni accomodation and they provided free wifi for their students. 90% of the time I have made use of that wifi and hardly I have used these services. What should I do if I wish to talk to a Fido staff to look into my account and bills and possibly let me know why am I being charged 5 times more than what I use. 



Hello @jeeya2602,


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You should first start by looking at your invoice and you will see exactly what you are being billed for, see here for how to save/print your invoice details. 


After reviewing your invoice and you see any discrepancies then you can contact customer service directly and they can look into it for you.