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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi There,


I have just received August bill but it looks like overcharged due to wrong device discount applied.


I ordered a new Iphone 11 white online on Aug 17th as I saw $40 of set-up fee waived and special monthly device discount for 24months offered to loyalty customers.


Around on Aug 19th, a Fido staff called me white color was out of stock and cancelled the initial order placing a new order for black Iphone in stock. Because I didn't want to make any issue with my bill, I would like to keep the initial order but as she promised that I should be able to have $40 of set-up fee waived and same special monthly device discount as initial order, I agreed her to do so.

She said she will request Fido Back office an extra discount adjustment to make same monthly device discount as initial order that I put online on Aug 17th.


When I got the August bill this week, I have seen an overcharge due to $40 of set-up fee and less monthly device discount unlike what the Fido staff promised me.


When I called Fido this morning again, it looks like a Fido representive waived $40 of set-up fee giving me a credit right away still saying he needs to send Fido Back office another request to fix my monthly device discount back to initial promotion. And he also said that I will need to wait until it's fixed by someone in Fido Back office.


Could you please follow up my overcharged August bill fixing the wrong monthly device discount as soon as possible because if it's not fixed properly, I would like to return the new Iphone 11 within allowed 15 days?




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Yunki


Changes or corrections made to your billing, mid-cycle, will usually be forwarded to your next invoice.


That being said, I'm sorry to hear that the financement correction was not competed yet. Since our agent did send a request to have this looked into, once the adjustment is made, it should cover any overcharge you've been billed on your current invoice.


You can always reach out to us on these channels as well, so we can follow up on the status of the request if you have any questions.