On line phone promotion?

On line phone promotion?

On line phone promotion?

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On line phone promotion?

Fido had an on line promotion for a $200.00 credit on phones.  I tried accessing the website for approximately 8 hours.  I called customer service twice and also spoke with 3 on-line chat adgents.  Every rep said they couldn't offer the promotion, it had to be done on line.  Apparently the promotion ended this morning at 8am.  I called customer service and was on hold for 30 min, then was on hold for over 3 hours waiting for a supervisor.  No one can do anything for me.  "It's unfortunate that you missed the promotion" Even though I called in and tried to get assistance, which no one would give me.  So is this an on line scam?  And when I asked to take the situation further, they said there is 'no one above the supervisor'.   How do I contact someone above the supervisor to assist.

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Yes I empathize with you. I have made 12 calls in 8 days. Over 4 hours each. To be told nope we can't see exclusive offer. What the unethical,  discrimination and unprofessional customer service.. with horrible attitudes. 

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Maybe this is Gods way of telling you a new phone isn't in your future. Seriously don't get worked up over nonsense. 


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We're definitely sad to read about your experience, I get that it's not pleasant to not have been able to take advantage of the promo. 


We'll need to access your account and take a closer look at everything that happened, I'll send you a PM on here.


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