Not receiving text messages from international banks

Not receiving text messages from international banks

Not receiving text messages from international banks

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Not receiving text messages from international banks



I am not receiving any text messages from international banks like State Bank of India, Bank of America or Citibank, USA. 


I am able to text myself and text from international SIM to my fido number is also working. Its just that the bank alerts and OTP's are not working. Can someone please help?



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I have the same issue where I don't receive verification SMS from State Bank of India. I can confirm that they aren't using short codes and I have also checked with the bank, they said they don't see any issues on their side. I have contacted FIDO support and they say they don't see any issues, clearly others like me are having the same issue, its hard to see why it isn't addressed properly.

Hey @justcheck


Did you verify with them that they are able to send messages to Canadian numbers? Also, did it ever work before?

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Yes, I did verify with them and I did receive a message on the 29th of December from this bank. I just don't understand why this issue is prevelant among so many users.

Hey @justcheck


Do you know if they always use the same number? If not, are you able to confirm with them what numbers they use to send messages?

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It's not always the same number. The one I got was from a 540 area code. Once again i'm surprised to see ya'll asking the same questions when several here have already answered. Where is the solution? Can someone from the Tech team actually look into this rather than the same random questions?

Hey @justcheck!


If the short code is listed here, please check if you’ve entered the right number and that the program is still active. You can send ‘HELP’ to the short code and should receive a response providing additional information on the program. This would confirm that the program is active and you are using the correct number. 


If this doesn't help either, please contact us so we take a closer look at your account. We can also send you a PM if you prefer. Let us know!




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DO YOU ALL EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE MESSAGES?? The bank does not use short codes!!! I've already mentioned this and I've also contacted FIDO, who claim there is nothing wrong. 

I understand that you mentioned many times that you contacted them and you that contacted us. I assure you that we don't mean to repeat ourselves. We're also trying to provide you with general information and as many solutions as we can. Our goal is not to upset you. Smiley


There is another thing you can try at this point. If you have an iPhone the issue might be coming from your iMessage settings. Go to Settings, Messages, Send & Receive. Select your phone number if your Apple ID is selected instead. Your phone number should always be selected because it can stop some messages to come in.  


If it still didn't help, let us know and we'll send you a PM. It might be easier for us to have access to your account. 



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I don't mean to get upset but some of the responses from Fido have been repetitive to say the least. I have followed this thread along with other threads to troubleshoot any issues that might be on my end by following your suggestions. 

I use an Android phone, so the iMessage settings isn't an option for me to try. It would be great if you could ask someone from the Tech team to look into this with more detail and provide a bunch of us customers facing the same issue with a solution. The last thing i'd want to do is to switch carriers, all because i'm unable to receive texts from a bank. If you could somehow escalate this issue to the tech team instead of providing general suggestions(that are already available in these forums) it would be much appreciated.


Hey @justcheck,


We definitely do not want to see you go.  We'd love to take a look at your account. You can reach out to our customer care team or send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, we can also PM you here if you'd like.


Let us know how you'd like to proceed! 😊



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You can PM me here.

PM coming your way, talk soon @justcheck

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I am still following this issue as I am still facing it and lost complete hope. If @justcheck gets successful please let me know the solution as well. Thank you!

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Hi Prashant,


I will keep you posted if things work out. Was your case escalated to the tech team and were there any possible solutions or reasons given to you via PM?  

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Nothing happened. I too got frustrated just like you with the standard response. I left hope and stopped following this thread anymore.

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Hi Everyone!!!

Happy to be here..


I'm having the same issue like not receiving OTP while I tried to open a new bank account online. I talked to bank personal many times but they cannot find any issues in their end. My wife is also with Fido, I tried her number and it worked. So I was wondering what is wrong with mine. If someone has a solution it's greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Hey @Aaryadev


Have the text messages from this bank already or is it the first time you receive messages from them? 


Hey @prashant5639


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Have you contacted the banks to make sure that their system is able to send messages to Canadian numbers?  They might only be able to send messages to local numbers and that would explain why you are not receiving them.


Keep us posted!

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Same problem, since I moved to FIDO mobile. I had no such issues on my previous US T-mobile number.

in one instance i was able to receive a troubleshooting text message sent manually from the bank, but somehow the system generated otp messages are not received.


I was able to send international text to US and receive a response as well.


Please post if any specific enablement has to be done for FIDO mobile numbers to be able to receive text messages from international banks. 

Hello Shabut,


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  Where is the International bank situated? Is it possible the system is not able to send text messages to International numbers? I know some banks are not able to send text messages overseas.


  Also, since the messages appear to come from the bank's system (rather than someone's mobile phone), are they being sent from a short code? Only approved short codes would be forwarded to customers. That could explain why you received the text message which was manually sent from the bank but not from the system. Is your bank using a short code in that list?


Hope this helps 😀