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Not knowing when the offer was ending

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I got my fido sim in January and it since then I have always paid more than my plan rate (ie.50$) for every billing cycle.

First, I never knew my data got over and was charged extra for using it for one day. I didn't get any notification of my data getting over.

Also, my plan had some free international talk time plan for a few months, got no message or notification of the expiry/completion of the offer/plan and charged me another heavy due of my bill which now amounts to 235$.


I can't help but feel Fido is trying to charge whenever possible instead of making sure the customers know that he was charged for the call or the data.


It is Impossible for me to pay the bills with my 20hr college part-time job. I just wanted to pay 50$ for my phone bill but it always exceeds the bill. This is also my first sim card so yes I am little unaware of some the restrictions and charges but if I knew about this information beforehand I would not use the data/or an international call.

But I was totally unaware of it.


If anyone has faced a similar problem or if anyone has any solution to help me out with this one, I would be really grateful. I am not sure what to talk with customer support also. If a Fido employee/staff sees this please help me resolve this issue I really can't pay 235$ for a bill that I did not know what I was paying for.


Thank you  




Hey @Engagex2136,


Welcome to the Fido Community!


I am sorry to learn you're having trouble with your Fido account lately. I assure you this is definitely not the experience we wish to offer any of our customers. We aim to be 100% transparent with our customers when it comes to the services they are paying for. This is exactly why we send you a a receipt documenting the details of your price plan, rates and other services it included either by mail, email or provided in store depending on how you activated the line. Did you get the chance to go over that?


Did you take a look at your bill details to see where are the charges coming from? Fido offers tons of methods to keep a track of your usage in order to avoid any such surprises on the account. If you haven't downloaded the My Account Fido application, I strongly suggest that you do. It helps me a great deal at monitoring my usage 24/7.


You can track your usage on, the application or even by dialing *3337 from your phone.


That said, you can always take a payment arrangement to pay your bill. I invite you to communicate with them by dialing *732 directly from your mobile.