No ownership or accountability for customer concerns at Fido

No ownership or accountability for customer concerns at Fido

No ownership or accountability for customer concerns at Fido

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No ownership or accountability for customer concerns at Fido


The ownership and accountability is non exsistent at Fido by design, its clear your in the business to sell phones and services but yet you lack the empathy and resolve a customer desires that should go with it.


I am wondering why it takes 4 phone calls and over 4 hours or my time to try and have issues resolves that are your fault? While being continually overcharged month after month even after I've brought this matter to the attention of numerous customer service reps. Where do I send my bill to you for my time? Time is money is it not?


The incompetence is at an alltime high and after over 15 years as a Fido customer I deserve better especially when I am forced to pay the highest mobil rates in North America.


A name  A person A contact number someone who takes ownership and accountibility for customer concerns is needed now. period. Not a different person each time that has no abilities to resolve matters.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! 


Can you tell us more about the situation, what happened? 


We'll be happy to look into it with you, don't hesitate to reach out Facebook, or Twitter if you want a representative to access your account right away - direct link available here

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These call centers and forums are a farce a fake way to give the illusion of "customer service"


 Fido doesn't give these nice hard working emplyees the powers or athourity or tools needed to solve serious issues in real time.

They would rather customers like myself waste hours trying to get some real service. The accountability and ownership from someone who has the tools to find resolve type of emplyee does not exist by design.


Ask for a direct number to the so called Office of the President and no one has it HAHA what a joke. Really now.


Fido currently owes me around a $1000 dollars for a phone they continue to charge me for that was canceled over a year ago. It has no sim card no useage and NO PHYSICAL PHONE ACTUALLY EXISTS AT THAT NUMBER.

I have made multiple audio recordings of these conversations and each time the same thing happens - NOTHING - I have been told someone will call me and to wait for a phone call while getting late night payment requests from Fido for the unpaid amount of my bill. I am being harrassed at this point and they are threatning to cut my phone in two weeks.




So once again a generic no power resonce will follow from someone with no tools to really solve my issue.

I've been writting this while on the phone with fido waiting for a superviser 30 minutes and counting.


Save the "Sorry your having trouble" automated cue card responces and please give me a name and a number of a real living person with the power to solve my issue today. thank you.




Thanks for bringing this to our attention @CHRISL 


This is not the kind of experience we want our customers to have, you're in good hands and we're here to help with this.


I'm sending you a PM right away so we can sort this out!