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New Value Packs on old plans (rare loyalty incoming plan)

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

I have the old $30 loyalty unlimited incoming (200 minutes daytime plus unlimited weekends/evenings with happy hour) with the legacy $15 Canadawide LD Value Pack. In the past (pre-Pulse) days, the Value Packs were incompatible with old plans but I heard that in the post-Pulse world (and I believe I read on this forum) that the latest VPs can be added to grandfathered plans.


I tried to phone in and add the $5 in substitution of the $15 VP but unfortunately I got an agent who was having trouble answering my questions and was unaware of legacy plans. In the end, I decided to terminate the call b/c I was concerned I might lose some services if I made the change. (I don't blame the agent however, b/c this plan and VP are ancient history now)


Also, I am concerned that removing my old VP will result in Canadian Long Distance charges. Right now, Canadian LD is showing as included in my PLAN (not my VP), but originally it was included as part of the VP, so I want to make sure that removing the old VP and adding a new VP will not see me incurring Canadian LD charges! I am not sure why Canadian LD is showing up as part of my base plan, perhaps all Fido plans now have free Canadian LD?


At any rate, I want to save money ($10 a month!) on my bill by changing to the $5 VP if I can, are there any agents who are familiar with old plans, and these issues and can help me? Or other users that have had a similar experience? Thanks.







Hey @mark2000,


I'll be happy to shed some light into this Smiley


Our new $5 Value Pack includes the following options: 

  • Name Display (must have Call Display to benefit from this feature)
  • Premium Voicemail-To-Text with 35 voice messages
    • or iPhone Visual Voicemail
  • Unlimited US & International text, picture and video messages
  • US & International Premium Calling Rate to mobile and landline phones
  • WhoCalled
  • 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes

As you notice, the Call Display feature needs to be already included in your plan for you to be able to benefit from the Name Display as well. While all of our Pulse plans include the Call Display, our Grandfather plans don't. 


In addition, the new Value Pack doesn't include Canada Wide Long Distance since all our Pulse plans already have the feature. I can also confirm that your old plan doesn't have long distance and that it's part of your Value Pack, however, it's definitely strange that it's displayed in that way online. Therefore, by removing your old Value Pack, you'd lose the Canadian Long Distance and would have to add an option separately for $12/month. 


In the end, it's not really beneficial for you.


I'll send you a PM to take a closer look at your current plan to see if we have any other options available that would suit what you need.


Talk to you soon Smiley






I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

It looks like you were right, switching value packs wouldn't work for me. I ended up switching to the $80/10 GB plan but my term doesn't start until June 6. Question for anyone:


The rep who switched me said that he was having trouble inputting the plan without buying a phone at the same time, but he managed to add it without a phone, as a two-year contract. What is the cancellation fee for a contract with no phone, is it a flat-rate $12.50 economic inducement?

Hello Mark2000,


  In which province are you situated? I do not see any plans (from any province) offering 10Gb. Perhaps they're new plans due out in June...


  Was it someone from Fido who switched you to this new plan or was it a third party? I didn't think it was possible to have a contract for a plan without subsidising a phone. If you don't get a new phone then the plan sould be a BYOP plan (no contract). I thought a contract was only required with a subsidy added to the plan (ie PlusXX). If you do not get a phone, why would there need to be an economic inducement?


  Is Fido now subsidising services?



Before the new plan structure on the old Standard, Smart and Max plans it was possible to have a contract without taking a phone it pretty much guarantee your rate. I once did it only because instead of a phone I got a discount on the plan and it was a one time fee of $12 or $12.50 to cancel it.


But having a contract without taking a subsidy with the new plan structure dosen't make sense at all.


Hey @mark2000


I just received your PM concerning this.


Talk to you soon Smiley