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New Customer - Ordered Sunday Online still waiting.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I ordered Phone and Plan on Sunday (Nov2th) online and recevied confirmation of the order. However, I have not received confirmation that the order has been processed. How longs does it usually take to process the order?  





Good morning @SamF11 , glad you received confirmation of your order. The timeline for processing orders and shipping can vary. It depends on the device you ordered and whether or not it's in the inventory or delayed by outside forces, like parts shortage or in the case of Apple, their biggest production plant in China being locked down. Once your order is processed, then determined to be available, you may get a notice telling you so. In some cases you will hear directly from the shipping company that it is out for delivery. I know how exciting a new device can be, and that can make the wait excruciating. Hope you hear something soon. Cheers