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Never ordered a iphone from fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

July 22nd,2021



I am a fido customer since I moved to canada in 2018. Have been using it till now having 1 number 1 account, Yesterday, I just went to Roger to have a new phone with a better plan, But they said you fido bill is due, Which I further figure out It wasn't even my account they are taking about--- owned Iphone X now billed $1800 but I never order such phone. Customer service guy said You called and ordered a phone I was like WHAT!!! By calling someone can order a phone with even valid proof of ID. The address doesn't matched, SIN last digits or starting digits doesn't matched, They said driving license matched but how the heck someone can call and give your driving info and order a phone... Clearly this seems to be an error by fido guys or fraud case. They created a case ID for me and asked me to wait. 



Hi there @sahilchabba25


We're sorry to read about your experience and do hope it'll be soon sorted out.


We see that you mentioned a case was created which means you were able to reach out to our customer service reps. Would it be possible to have an update on your situation? 


Keep us posted!

Hello @sahilchabba25 , wow,I'm so sorry to hear that you have had that happen to you. Did you contact the customer service dept and the fraud department to let them know this happened to you? I know that Fido would never want us to have that experience and will do whatever they can to help you resolve this. I hope that you will get some satisfactory resolution and be able to to move forward. All the best