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My arranged pre authorized payment method for fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
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Last February 6,2021 fido sent me an email that they received my notification of arranged pre authorized payment for my fido accounts. It says their that it will take 14 days to process the method of payment.  My outstanding account balance is due on the 30th of February 2021 so Fido had enough time to process my request for pre authorized payment. 

I open my fido account on the 6th of March due to my outstanding fido account balance for month of February was not changed and fido notified me of unpaid balance. 

To make sure that I paid them on the spot using their online payment method. 

My question is why fido considered my payment as late payment and extra charges was billed to my account?

What happen to the 14 day process of my arranged pre authorized payment as mentioned to their email dated Feburary 6, 2021 ?

I am confused and it will affect my credit history . 



Hi @leonardk


If I understand correctly, you signed up for preauthorized payment, however still got charged a late fee. Is that right? 


To clarify, we charge the preauthorized method of the payment 14 days after the bill is issued. I will need to take a closer look at your account to see how it's set up and why you were charged a late fee. I am sending a PM your way.