Monthly plan change

Monthly plan change

Monthly plan change

I'm a Participant Level 2

Monthly plan change



New member here...need to reduce my monthly plan from current cost...what is the best strategy? I currently have Fido Pulse Plus20 plan @ $69/month (6GB+2 GB bonus). I don't use all my GB, therefore, I can reduce to 3-4 GB + 2 GB bonus.


Looking for advice.




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Hey @PeterPikester


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We'll be happy to help with your plan options! Did you see anything you liked on our website ( make sure to select the right province)? 


What would be the ideal amount of data in your case and where are you located?



I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi Ranya, I realized I have a balance left on my phone since I have a 2 year contract.


Although, there are lower monthly plans, there is no benefit to pay now. I will until expiration and then move on to lower monthly plans.


Thank you anyways!



No problem.


If there's anything, you know how to find us Smiley