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Mobile Data rate without a data plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I do not have a data plan on my phone with Fido.----

     I see that if I leave "mobile data" turned on  it shows data useage (( i.e. an example, is 171 MB out of my set warning of 300 MB. ))

   However I have not been charged  for this data  QUESTIONs :: What is the data  rate/charge for this???   Do they charge is it's less than 1 GB??  Anybody got info on this???   greg


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Senior MVP

Hello Groggin,


  Welcome to the community!


  As already mentioned, you shouldn't have access to data on a plan without data (ie Talk & Text). However, pre-paid plans do have the option to purchase data add-ons. That said, customers do not require data plans to send/receive multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages even though they are technically sent as data. That is the reason why data settings need to be enabled for that service. Depending on your phone, it could still count any data contained within MMS even though Fido might only consider it as a MMS message. You should note any data contained within a MMS sent or received while outside of Canada would be considered roaming data and likley charged accordingly.


  You also should note that multimedia message services (MMS) are not limited to just photo or video messages. Some phones allow users to add Subject lines to their messages -- similar to the subject lines found in emails. Adding a Subject line automatically converts a SMS to MMS. A blank subject line may also still be considered a MMS. It's possible your phone is automatically including a subject line (blank) and sending those messages as MMS.


  Generally, the data usage (overage) rate might vary depending on the plan. Some rates have been per MB, per 100 MB, per GB, etc. However, I believe customers with plans (post-paid) without included data would need to switch to a plan with data in order to use data for services other than MMS.


Hope this helps 😀





Hi there, 


Without a data service, you shouldn't be able to use our data network. 


Where are you seeing 171MBs used? In your phone settings, or the Fido My Account app? 

Hi @groggin , that is a great question and unfortunately I  don't have an answer for you. 🙃  However, technical support or one of the more experienced folks here might be able to answer it. I am curious to hear what the answer is. Try one of the methods mentioned Here  or you can ask the question to fidosolutions on Twitter if that's a convenient option for you. Let us know, if you don't mind. Cheers