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An Extraordinary Customer Service Experience

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi everyone, 

I want to share an experience I had with a Fido Supervisor recently. A few days ago, I added a second line to my phone plan. There was an issue with the express pick-up and the store I was supposed to pick it up at. I contacted the customer support line and my situation was escalated to a supervisor. This supervisor's name was Ramneek. Ramneek was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me. He actively listened to what I had to say and empathized with my situation. In a short period of time, Ramneek was able to solve my issue. Apart from my initial problem, I had several concerns about what Fido had to offer compared to what competitors had to offer for black Friday. Ramneek was able to retain two lines of business by finding a plan that matched my needs and sold me on a new iPhone 12 on a two-year contract. After this, Ramneek said that he would do a follow-up on my account to make sure my initial problem was sorted. The very next day, I picked up my sim card from a Fido store and received a call from Ramneek later in the evening to confirm everything was set up. Ramneek did not have to do this follow-up call but he did. I want everyone to know how hardworking and dedicated Ramneek is and his actions should not go unnoticed. I have never experienced this type of customer service before from any company. Fido has my loyalty. Ramneek deserves a big bonus and pay raise because employees like him are hard to come by. 


Thank you for reading.



Good afternoon, 


What incredible feedback. Thank you SO much for sharing. We can't wait to share this experience with our teams. 


I'm going to send you a quick PM to make sure this wonderful feedback reaches the right people Smiley 


Thank you so much! 

Hi there @Jacky11 , what a great experience you had. That's what Fido's goal is for us as consumers. I'm pretty sure Ramneek will love hearing the feedback,  thanks for sharing. @FidoSolutions