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Message to the Office of the President

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

To whom it may concern in the office of the president, 


My wife and I are long time customers of the Fido family, myself going on 15 years +.


My Fido Account # XXXXXXXX

My Wife's Fido Account # XXXXXXXX


I am writing this message with the objective to explain a situations that has happened in all likelihood due to human error, and I am hoping this can be resolved amicably.


In September of 2019, on precisely September 23rd, my wife and I after being long time clients of FIDO took advantage of a price matching program (with Freedom Mobile) offered by Fido.


The program offered $60/month for 15g data for a 48 hour period.


I called in first to FIDO to request this phone plan, shortly followed by my wife.


We mentioned the program to the customer service agent, they asked how we heard about it, then proceeded to modify our accounts accordingly.


My wife received a email notification with her account change and a customer satisfaction survey.  See enclosed for your reference.


At that time my account had a buyout of the existing contract of $215 as explained to me by the agent, then the new contract would take place. 


The agent reassured me that everything in our call was going to confirmed by email.

I received a customer satisfaction survey also, but no account change email. Also see enclosed.


We got married that week on September 21st, and it was a very hectic week for us, that week we also left for our 2 month honey moon.


On my return I noticed a bills that went through in October and November for approximately $400 and I assumed this was the $215 contract buyout as well as any prorated account changes.


We recently looked into our account to refresh our memory on the plans we currently have as we are looking to upgrade our accounts and to be deep dismay I noticed that my account did not get changed whatsoever after my call but my wife account did.


Shockingly my account is still being billed at $160 per months, which is $100 more a month than the plan I signed up for for the last 6 months!


I spoke to your CSR and they were very helpful at first and understood and believed my explanation of what happened, but were not able to help me.  


CSR escalated to a manager in Vancouver and the manager basically told me that there’s nothing they can do.  No compensation for billings over the new phone plan I signed up for, and there’s nothing in the FIDO system to allow any other compensation.  They went on to accuse me of not following up with FIDO to ensure that the billings were correct.  


I was again shocked at the the position that this FIDO Manager took with a long time loyal client of FIDO, up until this point I HAVE TRUSTED FIDO to look after my account and never thought twice about back checking conversations I had with your CSR’s!


I am not looking for any over and above or eccentric.

I am not looking for interest on money I have paid out incorrectly.

I am not looking to exploit this human oversight, I understand mistakes happen.


I am only looking to have the plan I agreed to and whatever I should have been billed as my costs over these months.  Anything I was billed incorrectly to be returned to me.


I sincerely hope that FIDO values their loyal customers and can rectify a situation that clearly was an oversight on their end, and does the right thing to reward loyal customers.


Case ref# I1483329991


I am available anytime to discuss:





Hello @Allentoma,


Congratulations on your wedding!


Sorry to hear about the issue you are having, this would be better suited for a moderator here in the community to help you. 


Someone should reach out to you by private message or you can send a private message to @FidoSolutions and a moderator will be happy to help you.


Most importantly this is a public forum so please remove all your personal information you posted this could lead to even more problems for you if it falls into the wrong hands.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Office of the President called me back today and we came to an amicable solution.


The system had a glitch and did not process the Phone plan I signed up for.

Hey @Allentoma,


Glad to hear everything was resolved.