Emergency Alerts won't stop

Emergency Alerts won't stop

Emergency Alerts won't stop

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Emergency Alerts won't stop

I have all of the emergency alert notification settings turned off and yet I still receive alerts at full, terrifying volume.  The bigger problem is that I will receive the alert repeatedly over the course of house at random time intervals.    As an example, this afternoon we received a government alert about mandatory quarantine for travelers.  My friends all received it twice (English and French); I have received it at least 15 times.


How can I make this stop?!

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Me too!  I asked on FB if anyone else was having the same issue with repeated alerts (also happens with the Amber Alerts) and some rep replied with a link to Alert Ready's website.  (eye roll)  Like I had no idea what these alerts were or something. "Helpful"...   I get the English followed by French, but c'mon.   I've since gone into the settings in the messages and set my country to FINLAND! lol  No more alerts since I did that yesterday afternoon, but I also dunno if they've sent out anymore or not.  This idea came to me after my brother-in-law with an unlocked Chinese phone said he got no alerts at all after I complained about being bombarded.  So far, so good. @FidoPhilippe is this something that would make any sense at all to work or not??  


I'm also using a PoS Huawei P20 which consistently eats my MMS/SMS (incoming AND outgoing)  I had another whole thread on this a few months ago. Fido network issue or stupid Huawei issue? Nooooobody knows...  (I am expecting an update for the carrier services app, again.. in the next few days now because anytime messaging, etc. starts hissy fitting, it seems like a few days later, there's an update for that.  Coincidence, I think not!) 
Screenshot_20200328_132118_com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver.jpg Screenshot_20200329_183338.jpg







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I am having same issue, this also happened on March 5.

I am using Huawei Mate 20 pro, how about you? I am not sure if that is a network issue, or phone issue.

My wife also using same phone but with Bell, she did not have the issue.

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I have a Huawei P30 lite.

No friends had this issue with other carriers.  I don't know anyone else with this phone so I can't check.

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8 hours after the initial alert and I am still receiving it...well over 30 times in total now.  This is ridiculous.

Hey everyone!


I just wanted to let you all know that we're aware that some of our customers have received multiple emergency alert notifications and that we're working to find out what happened.


If you would like to help, you can contact us here or request a PM from us from the community with the following information:


Device make / model :
Software / firmware version :
Exact description of the issue with timestamps of the alerts (screenshots will do as well):



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Huawei, Huawei, Huawei, that's the only make I'm seeing on this thread, any non-Huawei devices affected?.....  I've been saying for months (after a year + of issues) there's something wrong with the Huawei/messaging, the Amber/Emergency Alerts are no different.   Never again Huawei!!! 😠  I partially blame Fido for selling these **bleep** phones. lol  Is Huawei the new Alcatel?


Hey @Jewlee121! I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I would recommend not blocking these messages, despite receiving multiple SMS, as given the importance of warning Canadians of imminent threats to the safety of life and property, they can be highly useful.


As stated above, we're aware of the problem and we're working on resolving it. We have no information that indicates that Huawei models are affected by this more than any other phone models, but we're still investigating.


As for your MMS, that very well could be software related, but it's difficult to tell given the specifics of your problem. You can certainly contact us here, so we can take a closer look or we can send you a PM from the community.

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Well after some Reddit-ing, I see this is happening with various carriers and Huawei phones...


...so short of removing location permission for carrier services, messages, and changing my country to Finland until the next alert comes out, I suppose I'll have to suffer with this junkie phone till October or roll back to my old phone. 


But it's kinda nice to know it's not just me.  The ppl over on Reddit are saying Huawei blames the carriers, the carriers (should) say it's the device.. bottom line- it *is* happening.  (I used to have to give the "The network team is looking into it" reply to customers, knowing full well it was low-to-no priority, and I get it.. but thanks for the reply tho@FidoPhilippe.)

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Huawei P30 Lite

Model ELE-L04

Version 10.0.0


As you can see, I have emergency alerts turned off, yet I always still receive very loud notifications, multiple times.  Yesterday was insane.  There were more than this, but I cleared the log earlier in the day while trying to figure out how to make it stop. 









I'll send you a PM @KarinaLeigh! Talk to you soon. Smiley

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I am getting Emergency Alert every 25 to 30 minutes since this morning , non-stop... and I cannot turn that off.


Same thing also happened on March 5, 2020.


Is that Amber alert system issue? Network issue? or my phone issue?


I am using Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I checked the system setup, I have turned off Alert reminder..


Attached a screen capture of Emergency alert history from my phone:

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-27 at 8.01.48 PM.jpeg

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My wife also using same model of smart phone but with Bell, she did not have the issue.

Hey @Himalayan! Welcome to the community. Smiley


I've move your posts here, as it will have the answers you seek.