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Massive slowdown in service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Total slowdown this week. Today 2 min for a basic web search. Tried to watch a video on my walk - in 33 min was able to watch about 8 min of video with it connecting and disconnecting. After connection lucky to see 20 seconds before disconnecting. This on same phone on same walk i do daily.


Opening Fido app - 2 min - then no place to ask a question


Called support - on hold for several minutes.  agreed to have call back to get off the line.  Still waiting.





Hey @ArianaBrack,


Welcome to the community! 


This isn't at all the impression we want you to have of us. I'm truly sorry you feel this way and for any inconvenience, this situation might have caused!


That said, we'll be happy to help you in order to resolve the issue.


Have you tried rebooting your device? 


Also, I have a few questions for you to help narrow down the cause of this issue:


• How long have you been having this issue?

• Are you connected to LTE?

• How many bars do you see on the top left on your screen?

• Have you tried installing the SIM card into another device to see if the issue also occurs?


Let us know! 😃