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On 22nd May 2000, we signed up for service with Microcell Solutions as it was known back then. I chose Microcell as the only GSM operator in Canada since, at the time, I was working with ETSI on defining service for the GSM standard. During the last 18 years, we have remained loyal to the carrier and paid $5,500 in monthly service fees alone. We have now found that our reward for this dedication is a $5/month increase in the fee effective on 1st June. It pains me to finally cut the cord, but for the same price we are now being charged, I get more capability with the competition. 

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Re: Loyalty

Hey there @DrGeeks,


Welcome to the community Smiley


It's a pleasure to hear that you'e been with us for 18 years and counting. Your loyalty is valued and I assure you that we'd love to continue this partnership.


On a side note, we did send a notification regarding the price increase on some legacy plans .That being said, this doesn't mean that we do not have options available for you.


I'll be sending a PM your way so we can go over these options together. Talk to you soon!

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