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Lost Sim - Moved Internationally

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



My phone was lost on my last day in Canada. I have now moved to Australia, but to confirm my identity for things like banking I still require access to my old number. I have scoured the help page but I can't find a way to simply re-order a sim card that I can have sent to me in Australia by a friend. I also don't know how I would activate this sim as there are no Fido stores here. 


My partner does still have his Fido sim, I am not sure if that could be re-assigned to me? 


Thank you,



Wow, sorry to hear that @phoebemelvin,  you would need to contact Fido customer support to have any of those things done. I suggest you try reaching out on Twitter to fidosolutions and dialog with the  service representatives to find a solution. You will need to answer some security questions and then be on your way. I hope you get a resolution that works for you.