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Long distance calls over charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have started using fido service before 3 months.


Since starting from 1st day i am getting problems with my bill. First i was charge for 114 dollar saying that's first time charge when you get the connection but i was aware about it when i took the new sim card and from the store they said you'll waive the charge beacause right now we have promotional deal is going on. So i got to call 3 times to solve this issue. After that still i am facing problem that they edit my middle name(father name) instead of my first name. And still i have tried calling fido and didn't solve this issue.


And now i am having big problem with my bill.

That is i have charged 282 dollar for international calling minutes about 443 minutes extra.

My father in back home was sick because of covid and was in hospital with crtical condition and for that i got to call every day to my wife for few days back help them and for moral support. Otherwise i didn use any single international calling minute for last 2 months And clearly i can see that many other consumer facing same issues.


And i am raising complain about this becuase earlier before 2 monts when i talk into customer service and specifically asked about that am i able to get text alert of using 1000 internation calling minutes. Someone from customer service said that yes just like internet data usage, you'll get text alert for 1000 minutes.


So i've use extra 443 minutes that i wasnt get any text alert.

In addition, i know from the app at usage section we can track our minutes. But from last few days i was not able to open the app, which saying maintenance issue from fido. So it seems like all becuase of these reasons i have overusage my inernational calling minutes.


And now i am so upset about customer service saying we can't do anything about this and not only to here i was wait for almlost 3 hours to talk customer service and loyalty department for continue 5 days. Which took almost 3 hours average and even some agents from customer service seems like lauging at the situation and giving some examples restaurants food n all and lying that we do not have any loyalty department and hanging up the call and  made me wait for almost 2 hours to transfering call to loyalty department and to manger...which was totally upsetting..that i was not expecting from fido customet service.

If someone from fido management can help to credit me back or revert this balance. Please this is really tough time.



Hello @Roy1414,


Welcome to the community!


I'm sad to hear you didn't have the best experience with our customer service. This definitely isn't our intention. 

You wouldn't receive a notification once you go over your 1000 international minutes.


If you wish to discuss this, feel free to reach out using these methods