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Long Distance Charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Team,


Hope you are doing good! I am on $50 plan per month with 1000 mins of free international call. Today I received a bill of around $119 and I see I had crossed the 1000 mins limit! My questions -


1) Why did not I receive any notification when the 1000 mins were over? Why if the data overage messages are being sent to avoid a shocking bill to customer and data is stopped, why cannot we have the same for talk time?


2) In this difficult situation when my family is based out of other country and I have crossed the limit for very first time, cannot the FIDO be considerate enough to waive it off? I hope FidoWithCare cares for all consumers equally? 


I am very disheartened with the service and thinking of raising a concern to CCTS, it's a breach of trust as in this situation you cannot keep checking your talk time limits every time, please help to respond. Thanks!



Hey @krishnadascse,


Welcome to the community! 


We understand getting unexpected charges is never pleasant. However, while we do provide notifications on data usage we don't send notifications to our users with the 1000 free minutes as it's the customer's responsibility to keep track of the usage.


If you did use more than the 1000 minutes allotted to you and were charged for the overage then the charges are valid and we did not overcharge you. We understand this is not what you want to hear, however, moving forward you will need to ensure the minutes allotted to you are not surpassed in order to avoid any overcharges. 


I hope that clarifies things.