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Length of promotion

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So last November we resigned up for the usual 2 year contract, but this time we received 2 new (old) phones (iPhone 8's). We signed up for the $45/month plan with 1gb data, and as a incentive, they gave us instead of 1 gb data, they upped it to 2gb data. I just recieved my notice (we have auto debit bill payments) that our bill was ready for payment. Our bills up to this present bill has been $100.80/month for the 2 of us BUT this months bill jumped to $123.20!!!!! So I got on Fido Chat and was told that we had a 15 month promotion (only! not for the full lengh of our contract) for $10/month promotion..... I asked why it wouldnt be for the full 2 years and why I didnt have any warning??? All the agent could say was all I can do to help is to offer you a different 12 month $5/month off promotion (even though I have 7 months left in my contract). That's the best he could do. I asked if they could possibly just maintain what we were paying for the last  months of our plan, he said NO. I don't understand why I would get a 15 month promotion on a 2 year plan. We are long time Fido customers.



Hello @barryyoung2002,


I can understand where you are coming from but a discount isn't always for the length of the contract, I've seen promotions where you get a discount for 6 and 12 months, it all depends on the current promotion that is offered at the time you signed.