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Late delivery, false advertising to rude customer representative

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi all, I am curious to find out how many people have run into this because it's driving me nuts at a moment ... so I needed a new plan with more data and another phone since I am having issues with one I currently have, and on a boxing day 26/Dec/21 I started looking for deals on fido and competition and since I have been with fido for nearly 2 decades I decided to stay with it, found a plan, made a change, oredered a phone and well it's Jan/13/22 and I still don't have it so I decided to contact fido and see what's up. I got greated by Alex from Vancuver, seamed alright at first, but then after telling me that he can't even estimate time arrival basicly started arguing with me when I mentioned fidos "order delivery" information from it's site. Now I am not an argumentative person and don't like conflict but when a "customer represenative" tell's you that  "2-5 day average delivery time" doesn't "mean" that I will get a phone in 2 -5 days but rather that phone will be "shipped" and things will be "gathered" in that time I just lost it. Yes, English is not my first language but in this case DELIVERED means to a customer, or to me, you,  and not GATHERED/SHIPPED to whomever from whenever ...  whatever happend to custemer being always right ... and yes there is adidtional info that in some cases delivery will be within 10 business days which brings me to misleading/false advertising which is panishable under law, .... I made my purchase based on misleading information, and yes I understand it's covid but if you are not sure of eta then post that eta is not known  so that I can make an informed decision, I don't want to purchase yet another phone until this one arraves, and I could have gone with another provider if it wasn't for this information ... to make it worse when I asked if I can get another phone, something that is perhaps available, I didn't even get a reply ... am I wrong here to expect what clearly has been posted, yes it's covid I know, but it's been covid for the last two years, plenty of time to write an aditional sentence on the site informing us of this possibility ....this has got to be affecting a lot of people so I am really wondering if or not I should contact Ombudsmen and consumer affairs or should I first try getting Alex's supervisor and try resolving this with someone more intelligent


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Very unprofessional from their part. But they continue treating customers like that because customers stay using their services. Respect doesn't not exist anymore in this country. Sadly. I upgraded my phone on January 4th and today is January 20th and I have not received any confirmation email. I guess I will be getting the phone in march maybe. Everybody blame covid. But delivery since the pandemic started, still working as normal as it used to be. I had two friends that  wanted to order online, I advised them to order the phone from apple. 2-5 business days and taking over a month that is unbelievable, imagine if someone is going out of the country. Crazy!!!!  

Hello @Gr30,


I'm sad to hear you still didn't receive your device. As many models are currently backordered, there can be a longer wait time for your phone but you'll receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number as soon as it's shipped. We understand how inconvenient this can be.



Hey @Sanel !

I'm sorry to read about this recent experience, and I definitely understand that you wish to have more info on your delivery.
At this time, phones around the world are in low stock and due to the high demand, it's taking longer than usual for customers to receive their devices. 
You'll receive an email as soon as your package ships!

That said, if you'd like an update on your order status and/or to have your feedback forwarded, please don't hesitate to reach out through any of the methods hereSmiley