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International Text

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I used to be able to recieve international text with out being connected to a wifi signal. And just recently i can no longer do this,and my plan allows for it. The person can see my texts,but i cannot see theirs until im connected to a wifi connection. And i have no data plan


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Hello DaveSurrey,


  Welcome to the community!


  What phone are you using? Are the messages sent to you text messages (ie SMS or MMS) or is it possible they are iMessages or rich communication services (RCS) messages (see also here)? Both iMessages and RCS messages would require data to be sent and received. Since your plan does not include data, that could account for why you only get them when connected to Wifi. Is it possible that is a reason why you're only receiving them when on Wifi?


  As mentioned previously, in order to send and/or receive MMS, you would need to enable data on your device. While you do not need to have a plan with data in order to send/receive MMS, data does need to be enabled. However, as far as I am aware, SMS/MMS do not get sent via Wifi (unless your device is capable of Wifi-calling). Both iMessages and RCS messaging would require a plan with data.


Hope this helps 😀








Hello @DaveSurrey,


This could be because the text is actually being converted to MMS even if you do not have data on your plan you will need to enable the data feature on the phone and the messages will come through you will not be charged for data usage for receiving an MMS.


Check if you have the data turned off on the phone is so enable it and see if the messages will come through without having to connect to WiFi and if you can let us know the make and model it would help in case enabling the data did not work.