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International Calling Overcharge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Here is you regular customer who was using fido for last 2 years  sending you the message one last time regarding the charges you guys are doing. Stop scamming your loyal customer with the add on or offers which expired every 3 months and then again in the 4th month its remains same. Without informing in a separate mail or via text you guys are not allowed to charge extra with any of your customer. I have been using fido ever since I come here in canada and got an offer with 1500 international minutes and then after some months I have added add on which again gave me some international minutes to call but now as time passed  Fido charged me nearly 200 dollars just for the international minutes without informing me. Now if i call any of the customer service representative they are telling me you can see the bill it is mentioned that your offer/ add on is going to end in this date. But my concern is that why didnt anyone inform me regarding new add on or add some offer to not have this much extra charges rather than scamming this much amount. To be honest I am a student who finds difficulties getting a job and seeing the bill which is 4 times than normal amount can make anyone scared. I will never ever use fido and will never recommend any of the my near and dear ones to get the fido sim card or roger.  


Hi @tarunthakorbk04 , I'm sorry you have unexpected charges on your bill. May I suggest that you contact fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and request assistance by direct messaging? We are a community forum and are not able to look at your account, only Fido employees can do that. I have had great success with communication through Twitter messaging. I wish you a resolution