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Intermittent mobile signal in Vancouver

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I'm using a Samsung Note10+ that has been updated to the latest available firmware. While I've not been able to get a good signal in my apartment, usually 1 bar or nothing, a few days ago the signal started dropping every now and then even as I commute between UBC towards Joyce station. On most of the route I hardly get a signal for calls and data. 


I've tried restarting my phone; toggling the option for VoLTE calls; and attempted to connect to a network manually. However, nothing seems to work. The signal stays on emergency calls only most of the time. When I attempt to call someone, I can't connect the call and the pop-up message says "not registered on network."


Please advise or share what can be done if anyone has had similar experiences. 


Thank you. 



Hi @youdontcibai , could be an issue with your device after updating. You could try removing the Sim card and restart the phone without the Sim card in, then put Sim card back in and restart again. If that doesn't work for you then you may have to call technical support at Fido. Here are some links for contacting support. Good luck with figuring this out. Best wishes