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Incorrectly ported number... no service for 3 days

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1




I was transferring phone line from Virgin to Fido for my son on Saturday, November 7, 2020 and called Fido with request to swap a Fido's temporarry number with Virgin #.

- First Fido agent not completed transaction properly, so I was waiting a text message wth comfirmation for 2 hrs. then called Virgin and was advised that they got nothing from Fido

- I called Fido again, so Second Fido agent completed transfer, but ported VIRGIN number icorrectly, instead of temporary number, he swapped it with my business number Im using for 13 years

- The third Fido agent "fixed the problem" - swapped the temporary number with Virgin #, but cancelled my businness line and never called me back when the line got disconnected

- The forth one said that everything will be reinstated in 24 hrs. means on Sunday, November 10, at 7 pm

- On Sunday I spoke with supervisor and she confirmed that everything will be fixed at 7pm, but it was found out that they were planning not to reinstate my business line, but to assign the # on my third line I have with Fido....

- At 7 pm on Sunday, nothing was reinstated, so I conatcted Fido again and was said that everything will be fine tomorrow morning....

- Called them Monday at 10 am and was asked to wait 4 hrs to have it completed..

- Called again at 3 pm... and was said to wait untill Tusday morning....


Three days Im without my business line, my customers are not able to reach me...there is a HUGE impact to my business and no one seams to be able to fix it or to give exact timeframe it will be fixed


I've spent 8 hrs on phone with Fido and really ready to transfer all my Fido phone lines to someone else.....



Hello @arinafrai,


Welcome to the community!


That's an unpleasant experience and it isn't at all our intention.

Was everything settled today?