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Incompetent Customer Service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased a phone through Fido with the payment program. Within one week, I did not like the phone and returned it. I called to confirm it was received and the customer service agent assured me it was received and that the monthly charge on the phone will not appear on my bill.


Lo and behold, my monthly bill arrives a couple of weeks later and the phone's monthly charge is on my bill. I called to get it removed and they said that the credit for the monthly charge will be applied on my next bill. They also assured me that the monthly charge for the phone will be removed, and will not appear on my next bill.


One month passes, my bill is posted with the phone monthly charge, and NO CREDIT. What a surprise. At this point, I'm fed up and annoyed, so I call and ask to speak to a supervisor. She creates a case to remove the monthly charge and apply the credit for the TWO months of the phone that I paid for. Of course, she says the credit will be applied on my next bill. 


Third month now, my bill is posted with no phone monthly charge (only took 4 phone calls and 2 months to fix). I can never get anywhere with this customer service. The credit that I was promised TWICE and was supposedly in the case that was created, was not applied to my account. At this point I have been overcharged $113 including tax. I call customer service to resolve this. The agent speaks to her supervisor and she was able to apply the credit on the spot. This made me wonder the honesty of all the agents I've been speaking to. If I was able to get a credit on the spot, then why couldn't the 3 other agents and 1 supervisor I spoke to do the same? Is the company built on tiring their customers into forfeiting their money?


This credit was applied today, April 29th 2021. On the phone I was verbally told that a credit of $100 PLUS tax equaling $113 would be applied to my account. $113, not $100. As I was on the phone with a supervisor named Chris, I check my account and there was only a $100 credit applied to my account. Meaning, I am still owed $13.


Chris politely says that there's nothing that he can do, and that I am LUCKY to have even received a credit. At this point I am just fed up and frustrated with the lies and deceipts and just want to go on with my day, so I did not push it any further, seeing there was no getting through to him.


The lying and false promises need to stop. I will get the money I am owed back.


Contact me.




Hey @NM12,


Thank you very much for all the details you have provided us. I definitely understand where you're coming from and that is not the experience we aim to provide to any of our customers.


I understand that it took longer than usual, but I am happy that it was resolved. If the financing amount was charged and paid including taxes, there's no reason why it should not have been refunded to you in the same way. If there's any error on our part regrding that, we will definitely correct it. 😊


Please reach out to us through our Social Media channels for a quicker reply, or if you wish, I can send you a private message here on the Community! Let me know.