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Incoming call display

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,


A few months ago (or maybe longer), I started noticing that my incoming calls from numbers that are not in my contacts were displaying only as "Brit. Columbia", so I can't see the actual number while it's ringing. The number shows up if I go into my call history. I have to phone a lot of random people for work and it's irritating not knowing who's calling back since I can't personalize how I answer based on the phone number. Does anyone else have this issue? It's not for all unsaved incoming calls, some will display the phone number. 



Hey @Chelseatunch! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


What you describe could very well be spam calls that are being spoofed, especially if no message is being left on your voicemail. That said, can you provide a screenshot of what you were looking at please (while making sure to hide any personal information).