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Inappropriate call with supervisor ( manager?)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today after waiting for a chat and getting great info, I followed the instructions sent and was unable to sign up for what was promised by the agent. I was on BYOD with no contract and wanted a phone & plan. Unable to get on to chat again, I called and waited. Got a nice agent who said what I was promised wasn’t available to me, but since it was printed in the chat transcript she transferred me to a manager. After a long wait I had the most unprofessional and inappropriate call ever, lasting more than an hour. 

The manager wasn’t able to provide the plan/phone I was offered on the chat either but it was really inappropriate. When she said the XS wasn’t available I mentioned that the agent who transferred me to her said that it was. She looked and said ‘oh that was xxx, she’s new and she’s wrong’. So many bad things about the call but among other things, she wanted me to consider an Android ( that’s what she has always used) and then the iPhone 11 because ‘her sister had just got one. Let me phone her ok?’ I said please don’t. She at first said my new plan I received from the chat was really good and she should give that agent a pat on the back. Then later on ( much later) she asked about the plan again and said the original agent was LYING! ‘ These guys are the bane of my existence today, I’ve been up taking calls since 4am!’  she said. 

Then she said since ‘chat offered me this, we need to talk to a chat supervisor’. She asked me to login to chat, which I did but by now it was closed (before 4pm PST). She got angry and said, ‘ no, chat is 24/7’. She then said she would help me get this phone I was offered and asked me for my login and my PASSWORD. I asked why and she was  going to log in ‘as me’. I didn’t give my password and just asked for an escalation email so I could ask them to review my chat transcript and since she couldn’t get this phone/plan who could I contact that would have that authorization? She then said she is ‘Queen of the Universe’, she’s the top dog so there would only be the Office of the President. After her telling me the same things over and over again I politely ended the call saying we weren’t getting anywhere. Unfortunately I spent all of Boxing Day dealing with this when I should have been looking at other carrier plans as a new customer. 



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @aaaa13, this really does not sound right. 


We'll send you a PM, to get this sorted out!