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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Honestly, I never write bad reviews but this has to be addressed! This is just not acceptable! A fido customer care executive called me for a promotion, I accepted it - nothing was mentioned about the cancellation of my Long Distance Calling, he switched my plan to a higher Data and bill which even mentioning anything about long distance calling rate.

Then I see 144 CAD owing on my monthly bill instead usual 75 cad! I call up the customer care agent - I am on call for almost an hour, he is not able to help so he transfers my call to a supervisor,  she says "I am sorry its our fault, the person who had change you plan has not put down any proper notes on your file." However I can't adjust the bill, it needs to go to fraud department - it'll be fixed. Two weeks later - no call from them, called them again , they didnt answer, chatted with them on ASKNOW chat, the person chatting just disappeared and never got back, called again, someone answered, was pretty rude and was just repeating the same thing again and again as if its scripted! all she asked is did you make those long distance calls I said I did because I wasnt aware that my long distance minutes had been cancelled by the person who changed my plan. She was not ready to believe and just kept saying the charges are valid.

The charges would have been valid if they had informed me that they are removing those Long distance minutes from my plan! Its like they purporsely hide the information at first, prompt us to update to a higher dollar plan without mentioning the full details and then force us to pay for something that we werent informed about! its clear stealing , its FRAUD! I didnt sign up for this when I switched to FIDO!!


This is the heights of clear theft from their own customers! On top of that, they keep you waiting for more than 3 hours to talk to a supervisor and then the phone gets disconnected without you getting the chance to speak to the supervisor, the supervisor knows that you are trying to call and that you have been on hold for three hours, still no call back!! just see the kind of customer service they are providing!!


I wish to contact a higher authority - there is no way I am paying for something that I was not informed about before my plan was changed!! One definately has the right to information before he decides to take up something! I have all the screenshots if they need, I HAVENT receieved the confirmation what so ever!!

I didnt LEAVE fido when they affect my work due to outage on their end but fraud is DEFINITELY NOT ACCEPTABLE!!



Hello @Pruthvi78

Thank you for sharing this with us here. This is definitely not the type of experience we want for our customers.

We will be happy to verify the situation with you to see what was discussed so far.

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.