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Loss-of-Service Incident

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I, like many others, feel the need to vent on the recent loss of service incident. I realize this was a Rogers issue, not directly tied to Fido. 

I spent a good potion of my career in computer network operations so am familiar with many aspects of this field. I do not accept the Rogers CEO reasoning of failed maintenance procedures. If this is the case, then the root cause is likely to involve incompetence in either the design or the operation (or both) of the network. The ability to upgrade hardware and software in fail-safe test and deployment environments is standard procedure now. This is the second time in a year that such a major outage occured. The impact on users and organizations was huge. The embarassment to Canada for experiencing such an event is also impactful.

Canadians spend high fees, relative to other countries for their online services. I expect that the aftermath of this incident should include an assessment of where those fees go, and the problem of allowing one company to manage so much of our critical online infrastructure.




Hello @mike-1


We appreciate your feedback, we always strive to give a great experience to our customers. 

We understand how inconvenient this latest outage was for our customers. Our support team is working to make sure this never happens again in the future.